Let’s Get Casual + May Recap

It’s June!!!! Summer is here. Life is good. I’ve been so excited for June for so long because at the end of the month we’re going to finally be installing the cabin kitchen! But, that’s a few weeks away and there’s a lottttt to do before then. First, let’s take a look at May…

Top row L-R: Andy and I went to Philadelphia for his college roommate’s wedding. One of my favorite places to stop whenever we’re in the area is Terrain Cafe for brunch in the greenhouse. // It was so much fun to get all dressed up and see a bunch of friends we don’t see often enough. // I took the kids to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and walked over to Piccadilly Creamery afterwards for an ice cream lunch. // Middle row L-R: Mother’s Day hugs with my babies. // Joey and I (and occasionally Olly) have been doing yoga most mornings lately and she seems to really like it. // We celebrated our SEVENTH wedding anniversary with tropical drinks at Porco Lounge & Tiki Room, which we loooove and followed with dinner at Luca, which was fabulous. // Bottom row L-R: What happens when you let a 21-month-old lick the red velvet cake spoon. // Joey moved into her BIG GIRL bed!! (real photos coming soon!) // We took a trip up to the cabin for Memorial Day with the kids — stay tuned for a full post on Thursday — but this is the state of the kitchen currently. Eek.

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