Let’s Get Casual + June Recap

Oh hi there! We haven’t actually fallen off the face of the earth, contrary to what you may believe! Eek. We got so, so busy and overwhelmed, and, yes, quite a bit stressed out, preparing for the big move to the cabin, and all of the posts I had scheduled just didn’t quite get finished. But we’re here, at the cabin, which has furniture — even if it’s not all where it’s supposed to be and there’s a million unpacked boxes! At the end of last week, we filled up a Uhaul which Andy drove up to the cabin to start putting it all together, with me and the kids following yesterday. We’ll have A LOT more about everything that’s happening at the cabin soon, but first let’s take a look at our June!

Looking through June’s photos, well, we didn’t really do that much, haha! Especially compared to May when we went to Philly, celebrated our wedding anniversary, went to the cabin… Well, June was a recovery month, I guess. Here is our month in pictures:

The month started with Joey’s first dance recital, which was the cutest, sweetest thing in the entire world and she did awesome // a fun walk through our neighborhood // this kid LOVES his donuts! // Andy and I had a rare opportunity to catch a movie (thanks to his parents for watching the kids for a mid-week matinee) // oh, I love this kid and he is becoming quite a character (and a holy terrible two terror at times too) // we celebrated Father’s Day with Andy’s favorite donuts // Joey started her first swim lessons and in the two weeks went from utterly terrified and screaming to loving it and being able to float on her back alone — so, so, so proud of her // we couldn’t help but catch a photo of Olly matching the new nautical decor at Brewella’s in Lakewood // the Uhaul made it to the cabin and the kitchen renovation has BEGUN, wooo!!

Some things I’ve been liking lately:

Andy is able to work from home sometimes with his new job, but we don’t have a dedicated office space — and working from the kitchen counter does NOT work with the kids around. I’m inspired by all these small desk ideas, via sfgirlbybay that maybe we could tuck away somewhere quiet. Do we have somewhere quiet?

I want to book a trip to Melbourne just to visit this gorgeous store, via adore home magazine.

Recently I discovered that Clinique is STILL testing on animals. It’s like finding out your best friend is secretly torturing puppies in her basement. So this article about cruelty-free beauty, via Style by Emily Henderson, is timely.

The book I’m reading now, aka cozy mystery of the month club (ha I just made that up, but does anyone want to join my new club??!!): Hat Shop Mysteries by Jenn McKinley. I stumbled on this series by accident when I was out of a book, the book I wanted was checked out, and I desperately went through a list of the top cozy mysteries looking for the first one that was available to download at my library. They aren’t mind-blowingly good but they’re good enough and I’ll most likely keep reading them. (I’m on book two. I read book one in less than 24 hours when our power was out!)

Stay tuned for SO MANY updates about the cabin coming soon and be sure to follow along on Instagram @burritosbubbly where I’ll be doing tons of stories with updates and behind the scenes! Happy July!!! Have a safe and fun Fourth!

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