Let’s Get Casual + September Recap

Um, ok so we’re already halfway through October but I couldn’t skip out on my September recap!!

Joey started preschool the week after Labor Day, and it was just such an exciting time. She looooves school. The day before school I gave her a special water bottle with her name on it that I had made her and she loved it because she loves everything purple, everything unicorn and everything sparkly. // When she grows up she wants to be a playground teacher so she can teach other kids how to play — she’s the best! // Andy caught this moment of me and the kids doing yoga. It might be the cutest picture ever. // We got to walk in our town’s Homecoming parade with Joey’s preschool. It was … exhausting. But fun. // We took a trip to the cabin to do a bunch of work and hang out with the locals (see more of our trip in our vacation recap!) // We had a photoshoot at work, and I got my makeup professionally done for the first time since my mom took me to the Clinique counter when I was 16! // These two. I want to keep them 3.5 and 2 forever and ever. // We FINALLY finished a project in our own house! And it was a REALLY fun one — stay tuned for more soon!!

Some things I’m loving lately:

How to choose + care for your mums so they last through October — this post from For the Home is SO helpful!

5 free toddler activities to do at home right now, from Studio DIY — I used to do color hunts with Joey when she was learning colors. Olly is loving learning his, especially blue and orange, but I’d totally forgotten about this game and definitely need to play it with him.

I’m forever in love with modern surf vibes, via sfgirlbybay.

So into this color palette right now, from Adore Home… hm, just like Olly is, ha. And I’d loooove to get my hands on that wall hanging for the cabin!

I bought this dress for working an outdoor (sunrise!) wedding and liked it so much I just ordered the long-sleeve version as well.

It’s Halloween-costume-making crunchtime around here! I still have to make special shirts for both kids, and I’m waiting for a few pieces to arrive in the mail. But they’ve both known what they want to be for months and talk about it daily, because clearly they’re my kids. Joey is already talking about what she wants to be NEXT YEAR!

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