Let’s Get Casual + October Recap

The big news in October is we got a new cat! His name is Taco and he’s the best. After our cat Mocha passed away a couple of months ago, we had no desire to get another one right away. We planned to wait a year but said if something came up where a cat really, really needed a home we wouldn’t/couldn’t say no. Well, two weeks later, that exact thing happened. Our friends put out a call on Instagram saying their nasty neighbors had moved and left their cat behind. What disgusting people. So Taco came to live with us, and he’s wonderful. He’s one or two years old, playful and fun, but very gentle with the kids and looooves to play with Ruby the dog. He’s cuddly and friendly and he truly seems to be genuinely happy. He’s very much a part of the family now.

In other October news, Andy and I made a trip up to the cabin, which we talked about in our last post — yes, a disastrous trip where almost everything went wrong but we actually did get a few things done. We also treated ourselves to dinner at our favorite restaurant (this picture does it no justice for how amazing it is) AND got to wake up to sunrises like this even if we could practically see our breath inside thanks to the broken furnace. // October is for pumpkin patches… and Halloween costumes!! Joanna chose to dress as her alter ego, Super Jo, while Olly was a bear, costumes they picked months ago. They’re already planning for next year!

  • not your average frat house, via sfgirlbybay — love how light and airy this home is.
  • new coat roundup, via a beautiful mess — I’m partial to #9 for women and #3 for kids.
  • Do you have an air fryer? We borrowed one from Andy’s parents and, honestly, have used it like three times with less-than-exciting results, but I want to try this air fryer cauliflower recipe from A Cedar Spoon.
  • Emma Watson is the best.
  • These mini banana muffins, from Brooklyn Farm Girl, were a huge hit when Joey took them to school.
  • I literally cannot stop reading The Court of Thorns and Roses series. They’re ridiculous. They’re like Twilight or Hunger Games, but with fairies. Fairies!! So silly. But all I think about all day is when I can read again, so that’s not a bad thing.

Andy and I are planning a fun project at our house this weekend and then another trip up to the cabin the following weekend where we hope to wrap up as much as we can before we have to close up for the winter. No pressure. I’m also already thinking about what I want to eat on Thanksgiving. What’s your favorite dish? I’m excited for cranberries! And stuffing!

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