Our House

We started Burritos and Bubbly while we were updating and restoring our first home, a 3,000-square-feet, three story, 1890 registered historic site in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, but after five years there we were looking for a change of pace, less house to take care of, and a home that could truly reflect our current style (without a historic review board to deal with!). So we moved to the suburbs.

In 2015 we bought a 1700-square-foot, split-level home in a small town 20 minutes west of Cleveland, within walking distance of Lake Erie. The new house was built in 1963 and what it lacks in unique architecture and charm, it makes up for in potential. Since it had already been stripped of any original elements (like the pink bathroom of my dreams it probably once had!) and had been “updated” to a style that is not quite ours (think very dark and very ornate), we have no guilt in doing whatever we want, making this the perfect blank slate to create a home for our modern family!

Read the story of our old house and why we decided to move!

Take a tour of our old house!

Follow along with all our house updates as we turn our dated house into our modern home!

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