So We Bought a Roomba

Hi! How was your Fourth?! We had such a wonderful day celebrating Joey’s half birthday (2.5 already!). Andy also took Monday and Tuesday off and worked really, really hard on a bunch of outdoor projects, including building a pretty new gate and doing a ton of landscaping. We’ll have updates on all of those soon, but first I wanted to tell you about this thing we bought. Yes, we bought a Roomba! For years Andy has been wanting a robo-vacuum. YEARS. And honestly, I was totally against the idea. Every time he’d mention it, I’d roll my eyes. I mean,… Read More

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Let’s Get Casual

I am loooong overdue for a blog post, and I miss you guys! I’m going to give you a bunch of random updates on life lately and some links to think that I’ve found interesting lately… Andy and his dad have been working nonstop on our back yard, which is a huge undertaking. This is the first summer since we bought the house that we’re really committing to making the yard into more of what we want it to be. AND we’re trying to get it ready for Olly’s birthday party in just over a month, eeeeek! So while Andy… Read More

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Good Golly, Olly is Ten Months Old!

Double digits! Little Oliver is ten months old — and not so little but also still just so little. Andy and I were talking about this funny thing that has happened. With each step in Joanna’s development, each month, each new thing she learned, we were amazed by just how BIG and GROWN UP she seemed. With Olly, even though he’s physically bigger and developmentally more advanced, he still seems like such a BABY! It’s the contrast of a first child when we had no comparison and a second when we also have this toddler running around with her opinions… Read More

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