Let’s Get Casual

I just love when they “play” together. Olly soaks up everything Joey does, and his face lights up when he sees her. The second Joey hears Olly wake up, she says “Olly up! Olly up!” — which sounds more like “ah-ee up” — and goes running to his room. It’s the cutest thing. Except when he was actually still sleeping and she wakes him up… But still. So somehow all week I’ve thought it was one day later than it was, so it’s been the loooongest week ever! Andy had a work conference, so even though he’s technically been home,… Read More

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Updates in the Bedroom + What’s Next

A couple weeks ago we shared the DIY for the really awesome platform bed that Andy built, so we wanted to follow up to that with what else we’re planning for this room and what else we’ve changed in there recently. Oh, hi Ruby! It’s been a long time since we shared photos of this room (August of 2016 to be exact!). We’ve been slowly making a few changes over the last few months. It’s not the most impressive before and after, I know, but hopefully you can see a few differences…. It’s like one of those photo comparisons that come… Read More

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Good Golly, Olly Is SIX Months Old!

Six months?! How is Oliver already six months old?! Six months is when things are starting to get fun! For the first few months a baby is just kind of … there. They’re cute and wonderful and we love them of course, but they don’t really do anything. Now Olly is giggly and ticklish and looooves to play. He could spend hours watching his sister Joey or our dog Ruby run around! He’s also finally becoming a great napper. It was just a matter of us figuring out what he needed. We mentioned last month that Oliver was an awesome night-time… Read More

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