Let’s Get Casual

Every time we do a blog post about our living room/kitchen, we get asked how we keep our house so clean, especially with two little kids, a dog and a cat. The truth: we clean like crazy and hide all the mess before taking pictures, of course! I thought it would be fun to take a few quick, completely real and unstyled snaps on my phone from our real life this morning. This is actually nothing compared to what it’ll look like by the end of the day, but we do pick up the floor every night before bed, which helps.… Read More

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Updates to the Living Room

So this one time we went on vacation and liked the AirBnB’s couch so much we came home and bought one for ourselves. Naturally. We actually tend to make big changes after vacations. I think it’s partly that we feel so inspired while away, and also we end up having so much more time to talk and plan while driving or sitting on a plane. And like any significant change, our new couch prompted other changes. You guys know redecorating is a snowball effect. But the good news is, our living room got a nice refresh … and we can’t… Read More

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No-Spend August: We’re Doing This Thing

You guys, Olly’s first birthday party was on Sunday and we’re STILL recovering. I’m going to be tired for a week. It was so so so so good. I can’t wait to show you ALL the photos and tell you all about it. Here’s one little sneak peek we got from  Kimberly Lane Photography, and it’s a framer for sure. Love love. His actual birthday is Friday, so we get to celebrate all over again. While we wait to see the rest of the photos, I wanted to tell you about this thing we’re doing this month: we’re going on… Read More

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