Let’s Get Casual + February Recap

Hey, March! You better not suck! February was ok… until the kids got hit with the stomach flu. Come on. Again? And since I was up late with the kids for a few nights over two weeks, of course I then came down with a cold. But a few days into March, we’re all feeling better and ready to tackle what’s looking like a super busy, super fun month. Here’s our February in pictures. Minus the stomach flu. No one wants to see that! Top row, left to right: I tried taking pictures for the blog, but there ended up… Read More

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End of Winter Survival Guide for Your Dog

I like winter, but it can be tough. Between frigid temperatures, crazy winds and multiple stomach flus, it seems like we’ve been stuck inside for months. And unfortunately, the family member it’s hardest on is Ruby, our four-year-old goldendoodle. Sometimes… most times… there’s just no time/energy/space left for her after the overwhelming responsibility of taking care of two small children all day, especially when they’re sick, and when it’s too cold to take the kids out for a walk, well, that means Ruby doesn’t get a walk either. Poor Ruby! Luckily for all of us, she’s a pretty lazy dog… Read More

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Everything We’ve Learned About Flood Insurance

I’m no fool. I know why most of you come to this blog. You can pretend you’re here for Kerry’s design ideas, but let’s be real: you’re here for the flood insurance talk. You’ve been waiting, for years, for me to really open the floodgates about flood insurance. Well today is your lucky day. In all seriousness, I know this blog post might be pretty narrow in scope. Most people will never have to worry about flood insurance. We never thought we would either. But in the process of purchasing the cabin, we learned a LOT about it, and we… Read More

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