Painting Our Kitchen BLACK!

Let me just start by saying: the absolute hardest part of an open-concept home is when you want to take pictures of one room, but two other rooms have to be clean because they could be in the shot!! We did a project way back in November(!!) that we only just now got around to photographing. Whoops! So do you remember when our kitchen was very, very, very white? White cabinets, white counters, white walls, white shelves, nearly white floors, silver appliances (only because I wasn’t able to convince Andy to go with white like I wanted)… Here’s a photo… Read More

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Wallpapering Our Guest Bath

Woowoo I did a very fun thing on Friday! Haha just kidding doing it was awful, but now that it’s done it’s SO FUN! I wallpapered our guest half-bathroom into the palm print paradise of my dreams! The wallpaper is Graham and Brown’s Honolulu Palm print wallpaper in green. Oh how I love Honolulu — and this paper — and now this bathroom! Finally. This itty bitty 4’x4′ room has gone through a round of transformations since we bought our house almost five years ago. It looked like this in August 2016: The mirror! The beige. And beige. And more… Read More

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Representation Matters: Our Favorite Diverse Picture Books

We love the town where we live. It has great schools. We can walk to the beach, the coffee shop, the library, the grocery store. We’ve made good friends here. We’re 20 minutes from Cleveland but have a population of only 15,000 people. BUT… and it’s a big but… 97% of our town is White. And that drives me nuts. One small way that we have introduced diversity to our kids is with books. I know this is in no way enough, and we have A LOT more hard work to do to teach them about race, racism, resistance, and… Read More

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