The Pretty Plans for the Cabin Bathroom & a Renovation Update

Well hi there! We’ve missed you! A lot has happened in the last two months. And a lot… hasn’t happened. Quarantine is weird like that. Quick recap: we’ve barely left our house in over 65 days… Andy lost his job last week… Joey “graduated” from her first year of preschool… Andy and I celebrated eight years of marriage this week… we’re still working on a million projects at our house… and we’re also still working on the cabin even though we haven’t been there in over six months! So the last time we wrote a blog post, way back in… Read More

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Let the Demo Begin! Our Cabin Bathroom Renovation Plan

Eek you guys! The cabin bathroom renovation is officially under way. This is actually happening!! When we bought the cabin we initially thought that we could live with the bathroom as-is for a couple of years. It’s not that bad, right? But literally after the first time we used the bathroom we said NO WAY! This bathroom has got to go NOW. For one, the floor utterly grosses me out. Sure it looks cute from afar, but in between every single “pebble” is dirt, like the kind of dirt that you can never get clean, that the vacuum doesn’t pick… Read More

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Painting Seventies-Style Stripes at the Cabin!

Alright alright alright. Our 1972 cabin just got real groovy, and we’re digging it! When we were deciding what direction to go with the styling of the cabin as a whole, I was first thinking the obvious “preppy lake house” or “rustic cabin,” but after spending our first few days there, Andy and I both said, this place wants to go back to its ’70s roots and have some FUN with it… with some of our modern, minimal tastes mixed in. We also immediately agreed, this room needed stripes! That decision was a whole lot easier than the actual implementation… Read More

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