Good Golly! Olly Is Three Months Old

Oliver is three months old! He’s such a little sweetheart. Right now all he wants to do is sit up and watch everyone, especially his big sister, who he thinks is so funny. He’s just starting to learn how to giggle, and he just discovered his hands. He loves looking at faces, hates being alone even for a minute, and he is a real cuddler. Unfortunately the batteries died on our bathroom scale … um, like a year ago (those dumb little mini batteries that you never have extras of)… so we don’t have a weight for Olly. He just… Read More

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Oliver’s Beachy Nursery Reveal

We are so, so excited to show you Oliver’s finished nursery! This room was such a labor of love. It’s full of DIY elements, items from our own childhoods and gifts from friends, which all make it so much more special. Our goal was a room that’s bright and cheerful but yet calm, appropriate for a baby without being too childish, and something that fits in with the rest of our house, and I think we accomplished all of those goals. Every time I walk into this room, I’m immediately happy, and Olly seems to love it just as much!… Read More

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Let’s Get Casual

This little cutie is three months old today! Watch for photos of Oliver’s finished nursery soon! What a week, you guys. It started with Joey going through some serious teething. She’s currently getting SIX new teeth, and those are just the ones we can see starting to pop through. Can you even imagine? I feel so bad for her. Then she and I both ended up coming down with a pretty nasty cold. On Monday night she was so miserable between the stuffy nose and sore teeth that we let her sleep in our bed for the first time ever.… Read More

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