Good Golly, Olly Is Seven Months Old!

The big news this month is that Olly is SO BIG! Ok, fine, that’s the news every month. Yesterday I weighed him at home and he came to a whopping 23 pounds. (Yes, I finally replaced the battery in our home scale after more than a year!) Holy moly how is a seven month old 23 pounds?? Joey is 28 pounds and she’s two. Olly is also starting to wear some of his 12-18 month clothes… Again, he’s SEVEN MONTHS OLD. Slow down, kiddo! I’m not making fun of him. I loooove that he’s growing so well, strong and healthy.… Read More

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Master Bathroom Mini-Update, Part One

We arrived home from Cancun Thursday evening, and on Friday Andy suddenly announced that he was going to get started on our master bathroom update!! Some people go into a project with a detailed timeline for getting it done… some people just wake up one day and decide to go for it. Haha. To be fair, we’ve been talking about this renovation since we bought this house. We even had already bought most of the important pieces (emphasis on “most” — more on that later!). The vanity, sink and mirror have all been sitting in our garage for months. The… Read More

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Our Visit to Excellence Playa Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico

Last week Andy and I spent three nights/four days in paradise at Excellence Playa Mujeres* in Cancun, Mexico for some much-needed R&R after a hectic past few months. This was actually our second time at this resort (and my third because I went with some friends before Andy and I started dating, actually as a work trip). Excellence Playa Mujeres is an all-inclusive, adults only resort about half an hour north of Cancun in an isolated, quiet area along the coast. We spent a ton of time brainstorming future house projects, took naps, read books, drank plenty of fruity drinks… Read More

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