IKEA’s Summer 2019 Collection Is So Cute

Ok, so our last post was all about relaxing into this in-between season and embracing the spirit of hygge… but now I have to switch gears completely because IKEA’s “Sommar” 2019 collection just launched, and it’s so adorable I have to make sure you see it. I’m super into all the colors and patterns IKEA chose for this year. There’s a huge flower-child vibe with lots of sweet daisies in yellow and orange, and also pink polka dots and red and blue stripes. All my favorite things. It feels a bit retro midcentury and a bit Swedish country and it… Read More

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Hygge Your Home

One of the things I’ve been working very hard on over the last year or two is my attitude about winter. I’ve talked about this a bit, but after having kids, I realized that it’s my responsibility to teach them to appreciate and find joy in all the seasons. I need to lead by example, which means resetting my own attitude and not complaining when it’s cold or whining about being stuck at home. While I initially set out to change my attitude just for the kids, it’s actually been really refreshing for me, too. I’ve honestly enjoyed this winter… Read More

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Let’s Get Casual + February Recap

Hey, March! You better not suck! February was ok… until the kids got hit with the stomach flu. Come on. Again? And since I was up late with the kids for a few nights over two weeks, of course I then came down with a cold. But a few days into March, we’re all feeling better and ready to tackle what’s looking like a super busy, super fun month. Here’s our February in pictures. Minus the stomach flu. No one wants to see that! Top row, left to right: I tried taking pictures for the blog, but there ended up… Read More

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