Cabin Master Bedroom Design Plan

I’m so excited to share what might be my favorite room plan for the cabin!! Of all the rooms, the master bedroom is the one I have the clearest vision for … i.e. the one that I’ve changed my mind about the least! (Because, whoops, we have changed quite a bit in the kitchen since we shared the plans with you!) But the master, well, I started putting together this moodboard months ago and it’s staying true. Of course, this is just a loose idea of what the room will most likely look like, but we have already bought a… Read More

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Put a Spring in Your Step!

OK, I’ll admit I totally wanted to write this post just so I could use this cheesy headline! Sometimes I get these ideas in my head that make me giggle a little and I just have to go for it. But I also got to look at a lot of shoes in the name of “work” and that’s always fun. So raise your hand if you need new spring/summer shoes: meeee! I really don’t remember getting any new shoes last summer, besides a pair of super cheap plastic flip flops, so all of mine are past their expiration date if… Read More

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DIY Built-In Shelves in Joey’s Room

A while back, a long while back… holy moly, it was an entire year ago(!)… we mentioned that we wanted to add a wall of built-in shelves to Joey’s room, and they’re finally finished! You can see a mock up of our plans from April 2018: One of the walls in her room is set back about a foot, creating a little nook the length of the wall. It was the perfect place for us to have a credenza with her changing pad on top when she was a baby, but once she outgrew the changing pad, we moved the… Read More