Let’s Get Casual + October Recap

The big news in October is we got a new cat! His name is Taco and he’s the best. After our cat Mocha passed away a couple of months ago, we had no desire to get another one right away. We planned to wait a year but said if something came up where a cat really, really needed a home we wouldn’t/couldn’t say no. Well, two weeks later, that exact thing happened. Our friends put out a call on Instagram saying their nasty neighbors had moved and left their cat behind. What disgusting people. So Taco came to live with… Read More

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That Time Everything Went Wrong

Sigh. There’s a lot that’s difficult about renovating a house six hours away… obviously. There’s the issue of finding the time to go because you can’t just stop by real quick, there’s taking days off work, there’s having someone watch the kids and dog at home or driving all day with them, there’s lugging supplies back and forth and still somehow never having whatever it is you need. But the hardest thing is when you drive all the way there and everything goes wrong! Here’s a quick recap of our most recent trip to our cabin in Michigan, the Bay… Read More

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Wallpapering Our Kitchen Island

Things are getting a little wild around here! It’s all because of the most amazing pink leopard print wallpaper by Eleanor Bowmer that we added to the back of our kitchen island… Let me just say that again: Pink. Leopard. Print. Wallpaper. It’s the wallpaper of my dreams! And it has given our super-white kitchen such a huge dose of personality. We couldn’t be happier. When we designed our kitchen over three years ago, not long after moving into this house, we purposefully left it a very blank slate. Literally. It’s so, so white. We knew we wanted to have… Read More

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