Week eighteen: holiday decorating

I am going to be very honest… I just haven’t really felt like doing much decorating for Christmas.  Maybe it has something to do with all the things that still need to be done around my house and how disorganized and overwhelmed I still feel.  The idea of having to bring more things out that will just have to be put away later is just, well, ugh…  It’s going to be the bare minimum this year. By Kerry | Filed under Uncategorized | Tags: Daily Life, Everything Else Add a Comment Share

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Week seventeen: new appliances!

Oh my goodness, finally we have new kitchen appliances, yay yay yay!  The ones we had worked (well, after the oven was repaired and the garbage disposal replaced — we didn’t put plastic down the disposal, I swear!), but the fridge and dishwasher were terrible. My kitchen isn’t exactly big.  Every inch needs to be put to good use.  And for some reason a previous owner thought this petite kitchen needed the world’s largest refrigerator … and not only that, but the largest fridge with the smallest capacity.  Seriously, what were they thinking with this thing?  I don’t even know… Read More

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Week sixteen: the garage

Ugh, the garage … or I guess, the barn?  It’s ancient and it’s a mess.  I think every owner for the last 120 years has left something behind in this thing, leaving me to clean it up this weekend in anticipation of moving in my super cute, red camper trailer. This was definitely the most disgusting job I’ve had yet at this house.  I guess it’s fitting for a former stable that I hauled away an entire black garbage bag full of poop.  Oh yes, seriously, I think it was dog poop.  Tons and tons of dog poop all piled… Read More

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