Falling in love with the art of Ward Jenkins

I am in love with this print!! I stumbled on the etsy store of Ward Jenkins yesterday, Ward-O-Matic, and haven’t been able to stop looking at his happy, colorful prints ever since.  This girl, in particular, I am head over heels for.  There’s something so sweetly nostalgic about her. By Kerry | Filed under Design & Inspiration | Tags: art Add a Comment Share

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When I grow up…

I remember seeing something when I was little that said, “When I grow up I will dye my hair purple.”  I was maybe 10, and I thought, “YES, when I grow up I will most certainly dye my hair purple!” I am so completely in love with this lady (via The Bedlam of Beefy).  I have no idea who she is, but I think she’s amazing and I love her.  If there’s anything this past year has taught me, it’s that life is short and there’s no point in worrying about other people’s rules.  Why not put my great grandfather’s… Read More

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Week fifteen: Merry Christmas (ale)

Mmm, first Christmas Ales of the season. We stopped at the Westside Market for a crepes breakfast and then went across the street to Great Lakes Brewery to celebrate being aaaall done with the Halloween Housewarming Party. I love day drinking. By Kerry | Filed under Uncategorized | Tags: Daily Life, Everything Else Add a Comment Share

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