Week twenty-three: Happy New Year!

Well, hello 2011.  Nice to meet you.  New Year’s Resolutions aren’t something I usually bother with, but a new year is such a perfect opportunity to start something new or take a step in a different direction. It’s also a great chance to give yourself a challenge.  With a clean slate, why not see what you can do? Last night we spent 10 minutes standing in front of our completely packed fridge and found absolutely nothing to make for dinner.  Nothing.  We looked at each other and said, we have to fix this.  So here’s my challenge for 2011: let’s… Read More

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A little something disco-y

Awesome, right?  (via The Bedlam of Beefy)  When my friend emailed this link to me a couple months ago, her actual words were: It made me want to build a staircase to nowhere in my house just so I could make it disco-y. Um, exactly.  Except I have several staircases in my house, and there’s no way I’m sitting down to glue a gazillion bajillion disco ball mirrors to them.  But still.  The world is a better place because someone did. Awesome. By Kerry | Filed under Design & Inspiration, Everything Else | Tags: Inspiration 1 Comment Share

Week twenty-two: a pink bike for Christmas!!!

I GOT A PINK BIKE!  I GOT A PINK BIKE! I have been wanting a little pink bike for the longest time, just a little one without all those fancy gears and brakes.  When gears and handlebar brakes entered my life, that was when my relationship with bikes officially ended.  I never figured those things out.  I was about 10. I spent years not knowing that such a thing existed as a grown-up bike like the one I had as a little kid, and as soon as I learned that, I knew I had to have one.  I imagined the… Read More

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