Week ten: kitchen island

Let me tell you a tale of a kitchen island… So there was an island in this kitchen that the previous owners took with them when they moved.  My first week here, I ordered a new kitchen island from JC Penney, antique white with a stainless steel top.  It shipped the following day and arrived two days after that.  Amazing. After this and that and painting the kitchen and everything else, we set out to put the island together a few weeks later, opened the box and immediately saw that Part F was broken right in half. Called Penney’s the… Read More

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Week eight: the guest room

So after painting the rumpus room, I jumped right into painting the guest room the following week.  At this point there was barely a month until the Halloween Housewarming Party and no time to waste.  Luckily for me most of the room is painted a nice sort of periwinkle blue, so the only thing I wanted to paint over was the lime green nook in the back. What better to do with a little sleeping nook than paint it pitch black … but not just any black…  chalkboard black!  Yes.  I’m so excited about it.  Here’s the room now, painted… Read More