Because it’s never too early to think about next year’s Halloween…

I must find a costume that would require this hat.  I don’t know what I’ll be but I don’t care.  How about “girl wearing crazy pink crown”?  Done. Or maybe I should just wear it everyday. I love everything in Janine Basil’s etsy shop so very, very much. Maybe I could be a comic book girl with her POW headband…. like how I seriously thought about dressing as Ramona Flowers for this year’s Halloween… because I really wanted the blue wig and the star bag, except Andy as Scott Pilgrim would pretty much look like himself, which is no fun for Halloween.… Read More

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My favorite things

One of my great grandmothers collected lace.  Oh my goodness, it’s amazing.  There are dozens and dozens of different laces in different shades of white, cream, black, silver, gold, all over 100 years old.  The stitches are just awe inspiring, so teeny tiny, with the most intricate patterns. Box of lace By Kerry | Filed under Uncategorized | Tags: Daily Life, Everything Else Add a Comment Share

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Inspiration: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts Castle wasn’t the only part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that was full of decorating inspiration.  Honeydukes Sweetshop and Zonko’s Joke Shop were amazing visual experiences.  The two shops actually make up two sides of the same space.  They were super colorful and fun.  I’d probably have permanent sugar shock if my entire house looked like a candy shop, but obviously, I’m such a fan of happy colors I’d love to incorporate some of this into my own home.  Check out these pictures … I like how all the candy jars are different shapes and sizes.  It… Read More

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