Getting crafty with mason jars

Look what I got! As part of an attic cleanup a friend found a bunch of antique mason jars that just so happen to be a perfect match to, oh, pretty much half the stuff in my house.  She gave me ten as a housewarming present.  Now the fun part is deciding what to do with them! There are lots of craft projects using mason jars.  The other day I was looking at a project to make mason jar pumpkins that were just adorable.  Of course I can’t find the link anymore. But the project that is most outstanding to… Read More

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Inspiration: A Beach Cottage

I told you I’m somewhat obsessed with beachy/cottagey styles.  Last time I showed you an all-white super comfortable home in Australia that I love, but there’s another house that I’ve spent a lot of time studying that’s a completely different take on the same theme.  This home in California is chock full of color and pattern, via House Beautiful. A view of the living room.  Tons of color, but it doesn’t seem overwhelming because of plenty of white. Look at how many different patterns can mix together so well.  I wouldn’t necessarily want this many competing patterns in my own… Read More

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Countdown to a Housewarming Halloween

I’m going to share an embarrassing picture. This is what my house looks like right now, standing at the front door. Piles of boxes.  Furniture shoved wherever it will fit.  4 rooms to paint.  A costume to plan.  Decorations to make. Only 8 weekends to do it! Eeeek!!! By Kerry | Filed under Everything Else | Tags: halloween, holidays, parties Add a Comment Share

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