Week seven: dining room

Long before I moved in, even before I bought this house, I knew I wanted the dining room to be pink.  Yes, pink.  For real. I mean, think of a dining room.  It’s formal and stuffy.  You don’t generally use it that much.  Why not paint it the most beautiful, happy, ironic color.  Why not have a gothic pink dining room?  Pink walls, dark furniture, pictures of dead relatives in gold frames.  Add some humor.  Have fun with it.  Besides, if it’s my house, no one can tell me not to… Especially when this dreary slate blue room is what… Read More

Week six: the rumpus room

When I was thinking about moving into this house, the tv room/family room/rumpus room was one of the few rooms I thought I didn’t want to re-paint.  It was a warm sort of olive green.  Not my favorite color, but not terrible.  But after about 8 hours in this room, I hated it.  It was dark and depressing.  The blinds were dark.  The lighting was dark.  It was the color of pea soup.  I don’t even like pea soup! This, unfortunately, is what I actually lived in for weeks.  A dark, depressing pea soup dungeon of piled-up furniture. The big… Read More

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Today’s inspiration: chalkboard walls

I am in love with black chalkboard walls.  I just love how they are so dramatic and yet totally playful at the same time.  Painting a wall with black chalkboard paint adds a sense of humor to a room, and I am a huge fan of making a house quirky, unexpected, and a little humorous.  Have FUN in your house!! So chalkboard walls are on my mind this weekend, and I’m going to share some of my inspiration pictures, starting with sfgirlbybay blogger Victoria Smith’s dining room.  When she posted pictures in May about her newly chalkboard-painted dining room, I almost… Read More

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