Week five: and we finally mowed

Until a couple of weeks ago I had never mowed a lawn in my life.  When I was buying a house, I wasn’t really sure I wanted that to change, but even though I found a house with a nice small lawn it still took me five weeks to finally go kicking and screaming to Home Depot to get a lawnmower. I got the best one!  I bought a Scotts 16″ Elite Push Reel Mower, one of those that doesn’t require gas or electricity, and it works!  My lawn was awful, after all that time, and I honestly didn’t think this… Read More

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Today’s color inspiration

I want to show you what ‘s on my mind today: color.  As I’m sitting here literally surrounded by paint chips and sample cans and I’ve made multiple trips to the paint store this week, I’m imaging the perfect shade of blue, a greeny-blue that is both cheerful and relaxing.  Oh, the elusive perfect color!! To call it Robin’s Egg Blue makes it sound as sweet as it looks, right? A few months ago I came across this kitchen island on Country Living, and I’ve probably gone back to look at it 25 times because it is the EXACT shade… Read More

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Inspiration: A Beach Cottage

I’ve always wanted a beach cottage.  It just feels like the perfect home for me — a place where it’s ok to put your feet on the furniture and come in the house a little sandy, where there are sisal rugs, linen curtains and wicker chairs.  Of course, my house is no beach cottage.  You can see the lake, sorta, a couple blocks north, and I could easily ride my bike to the beach… if I had a bike… a pink bike… a pink beach cruiser bike… with a basket… But, anyway, while I try to figure out how to… Read More

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