Countdown to a Housewarming Halloween

I’m going to share an embarrassing picture. This is what my house looks like right now, standing at the front door. Piles of boxes.  Furniture shoved wherever it will fit.  4 rooms to paint.  A costume to plan.  Decorations to make. Only 8 weekends to do it! Eeeek!!! By Kerry | Filed under Everything Else | Tags: halloween, holidays, parties Add a Comment Share

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Week five: and we finally mowed

Until a couple of weeks ago I had never mowed a lawn in my life.  When I was buying a house, I wasn’t really sure I wanted that to change, but even though I found a house with a nice small lawn it still took me five weeks to finally go kicking and screaming to Home Depot to get a lawnmower. I got the best one!  I bought a Scotts 16″ Elite Push Reel Mower, one of those that doesn’t require gas or electricity, and it works!  My lawn was awful, after all that time, and I honestly didn’t think this… Read More

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Today’s color inspiration

I want to show you what ‘s on my mind today: color.  As I’m sitting here literally surrounded by paint chips and sample cans and I’ve made multiple trips to the paint store this week, I’m imaging the perfect shade of blue, a greeny-blue that is both cheerful and relaxing.  Oh, the elusive perfect color!! To call it Robin’s Egg Blue makes it sound as sweet as it looks, right? A few months ago I came across this kitchen island on Country Living, and I’ve probably gone back to look at it 25 times because it is the EXACT shade… Read More

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