It’s a pink world

I’ve been seeing lots of pink in design-land lately.  I don’t know if it’s just because I’m hypersensitive to it at the moment, constantly searching for the right pink for my dining room (more on that another time), but I like knowing I’m not the only grownup unafraid of this color. Pink can be cool and modern, via sfgirlbybay Pink can be comforting and relaxed, via The Brass Petal — HGTV “Design Star” Emily Henderson’s blog that I just discovered today Pink can be very grown up when combined with steely accents, via desire to inspire The Sept. 2010 cover of… Read More

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Week three: the office

The room I chose for my home office has tan walls, white trim, and at some point the wood floor was painted a pale greyish white that was showing a lot of wear and tear.  The wood itself isn’t in the greatest shape, so shabby paint wasn’t helping.  I’ve learned that painted wood on the upper floors would have been original to a house of this era.  The owners would have spent all the money on really nice wood floors for the first floor, and then used cheaper, painted wood upstairs. I have daydreams about having an office straight out… Read More

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