Favorite Toys for One and Two Year Olds

One of the things I’ve always struggled with around Christmas and birthdays with little kids is that I have no idea what toys kids like. I mean, at one or two years old, kids don’t ask for presents yet! This is the first year that Joey is asking for specific gifts (a scooter – sure, and a horse “a real horse, not a toy horse” – um, no!) It’s especially tough when family and friends want to know what gifts to buy, and I’m like, “um, let me google that…” Joanna is now almost three (what?!) and Oliver is almost 17… Read More

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DIY Palm Springs-Inspired Midcentury Christmas Village

You guysssss! When we shared our holiday home tour the other day you got a peek at my new Palm Springs-inspired midcentury Christmas village. I’m so excited to share more because this might just be my favorite project I’ve EVER made!!! I’ve had this idea in my head for years, so it feels really great to have finally completed it and to love it as much as I dreamed I would. One of my favorite parts, though, is that I totally plan on adding on and expanding it every year, which is going to make it fun for years to come!… Read More

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Our Colorful Christmas Home Tour

When I was thinking about a design plan for our Christmas decorations this year, I decided I wanted to do all black, white and blush pink. I was inspired by the Sugar Paper LA holiday collection at Target — the polka dots, the gingham, it’s adorable, right? But then I got out our boxes of Christmas decorations and said wait a minute… I’m not about to buy ALL NEW EVERYTHING! Plan B: decorate with what we have, keep it simple, and then add a few fun DIY touches. And you know what? I love it so much more. Join us on… Read More

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