Painting Seventies-Style Stripes at the Cabin!

Alright alright alright. Our 1972 cabin just got real groovy, and we’re digging it! When we were deciding what direction to go with the styling of the cabin as a whole, I was first thinking the obvious “preppy lake house” or “rustic cabin,” but after spending our first few days there, Andy and I both said, this place wants to go back to its ’70s roots and have some FUN with it… with some of our modern, minimal tastes mixed in. We also immediately agreed, this room needed stripes! That decision was a whole lot easier than the actual implementation… Read More

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Our 2020 House + Cabin To-do List

We start every year with a to-do list for our home — and now our cabin too. This really helps us to brainstorm what areas need work, what projects we want to tackle, and also to prioritize when any of them might get done. It’s not so much a checklist as a guideline, or even a wishlist. Over the last few days Andy and I have been discussing our to-do list for this year and here’s what we came up with… Last year we focussed almost entirely on our new cabin, but while there’s still a whole lot to do,… Read More

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2019 Year in Review + What’s Next for Burritos and Bubbly

Oh, hi guys. Is anyone even out there anymore??!! We certainly didn’t plan on taking a whole month off the blog and actually had a few fun posts planned in that time, but when I struggled to find the time to finish them, I thought, “well if I don’t have time to write them, there’s a good chance you probably also don’t have time to read them…” So hopefully you’re all enjoying your holidays away from your computer and we can all just start the new year — the new decade! — with a whole bunch of really great new… Read More

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