Wallpapering Our Kitchen Island

Things are getting a little wild around here! It’s all because of the most amazing pink leopard print wallpaper by Eleanor Bowmer that we added to the back of our kitchen island… Let me just say that again: Pink. Leopard. Print. Wallpaper. It’s the wallpaper of my dreams! And it has given our super-white kitchen such a huge dose of personality. We couldn’t be happier. When we designed our kitchen over three years ago, not long after moving into this house, we purposefully left it a very blank slate. Literally. It’s so, so white. We knew we wanted to have… Read More

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Let’s Get Casual + September Recap

Um, ok so we’re already halfway through October but I couldn’t skip out on my September recap!! Joey started preschool the week after Labor Day, and it was just such an exciting time. She looooves school. The day before school I gave her a special water bottle with her name on it that I had made her and she loved it because she loves everything purple, everything unicorn and everything sparkly. // When she grows up she wants to be a playground teacher so she can teach other kids how to play — she’s the best! // Andy caught this… Read More

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Cabin Kitchen Update — With Video!

Hey friends! The other day we gave you a little behind-the-scenes of our recent family/work vacation to our cabin in Northern Michigan and briefly mentioned some of the projects we were able to get done. Actually, we were able to do more than I expected considering we had the kids with us. They aren’t usually known for their patience when we have things to do! We’re still plugging away at the kitchen and it’s getting closer and closer to finished, yay! Ok, I won’t get too excited because there are still some BIG jobs left to do. I try not… Read More

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