Cabin Bedroom + Bathroom — Photo and Video Tour!

Welcome back to PART TWO of our cabin tour! Hopefully you saw our kitchen and living room tour on Monday — did you? You did, right? Go look now if you haven’t, we’ll wait! …. Alright, now that you’ve seen part one, today we’re going to take a look at the downstairs bedroom and bathroom! The Bay Shore Boathouse (yes, that’s what we’ve named our cabin) has two bedrooms* and one bathroom, which are both in the newer part of the house. It’s kinda like two different houses stuck together in a 1200-square-foot package — the original log cabin part… Read More

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Cabin Living Room + Kitchen — Photo and Video Tour!

Yippee! The post we have been so excited for is finally here! Last weekend Andy and I finally went up to the cabin for the first time since we bought the place. We took a whole bunch of photos and filmed a video walkthrough of the whole house. Since there’s so many photos and the video is pretty long (we have so much to say!!), we’re going to break it up into three separate posts, the way the house naturally divides: the living room and kitchen, the downstairs bedroom and bathroom, and finally the master bedroom upstairs. Check out our… Read More

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IKEA’s Summer 2019 Collection Is So Cute

Ok, so our last post was all about relaxing into this in-between season and embracing the spirit of hygge… but now I have to switch gears completely because IKEA’s “Sommar” 2019 collection just launched, and it’s so adorable I have to make sure you see it. I’m super into all the colors and patterns IKEA chose for this year. There’s a huge flower-child vibe with lots of sweet daisies in yellow and orange, and also pink polka dots and red and blue stripes. All my favorite things. It feels a bit retro midcentury and a bit Swedish country and it… Read More

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