Let’s Get Casual + April Recap

Hi guys! May already??!! It’s time for another monthly update, and April was a fun one! Here are some pictures from our month: We made another trip up to the cabin and set up the very first furniture, a pair of brass twin beds from Wayfair // While we were there, we enjoyed an absolutely phenomenal dinner at Alliance in Traverse City. // A visit to our old Ohio City neighborhood always makes me nostalgic. // I took Ruby and the kids on our first (cold) walk of the year to the beach near home. // We hosted a really… Read More

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My Daily Skin Care Routine & the Products I Use

We’ve been talking about the cabin a lot lately, which is great and exciting. But let’s take a little break and change gears completely to talk about something totally different: skin care. I thought it would be fun to share the things that work for me, and I’d love to hear from you what products and routines work for you! I’m not going to pretend AT ALL to be a skin care guru. For years I had really bad habits (not washing my face every night!), and I certainly haven’t tried every product or know what all of them do… Read More

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Cabin Living Room Ideas

Oh you guys, I had grand plans to show you the full design for the cabin living room LAST week, and I worked on it every single day thinking, “by tomorrow this will be ready to publish…” Well. A whole week went by with no blog post. See guys, this is real life and we are literally making decisions in real time, and sometimes we just don’t know what we want to do quite yet! So don’t consider this a complete plan for the living room, more like a collection of ideas… but we did buy one* very exciting thing… Read More

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