We Did Something Crazy

We have the most exciting, crazy news. I’ve been imagining writing this post for months and it kind of feels surreal to finally be telling you our big exciting news… See that house? We bought it. That’s our new vacation home in Traverse City, Michigan!! Holy crap, we bought a second house. We are so crazy. We are also CRAZY excited. And terrified. And nervous. And all of the things. It was a really long, dramatic roller-coaster ride from the time we first saw the listing in October to when we actually closed on the sale last week, which maybe… Read More

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Our Year in Seconds

Are you familiar with the app 1 Second Everyday? The concept is simple: upload a 1- or 1.5-second video or photo every day. (Technically they allow two videos/photos per day, which is why my video is longer than 6 minutes!) I started using the app December 31, 2017 and created a video through December 31, 2018. It was so much fun! With kids, I’m constantly (annoyingly, haha) taking videos and photos with my phone anyway, so I didn’t find that it was hard at all to capture something nearly every day. I usually upload to the app every few weeks,… Read More

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2019 Let’s Do This

Happy Happy Happy New Year!!! Holy moly it’s 2019! We hope you had a fantastic time celebrating the new year, whether that was with all your friends at a huge party, in front of the TV watching the ball drop, or sound asleep on the couch like Andy! Me, well, I was at work! That’s a wedding coordinator’s life (and it was really fun). Naturally this past week has been all about reflecting on the year that was and looking towards goals and plans for the new year. I’ve been thinking about what projects we did (and didn’t!) finish this… Read More

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