Our Fall & Halloween Living Room Tour!

Hello there! I’m so excited to show you the small changes we’ve made to decorate our house for fall and Halloween. I love updating our living room for the seasons and holidays, but in simple, not totally over-the-top ways, like switching out pillow covers and adding a few pumpkins here and there. The shift into fall is always inspiring to me. After spending the summer mostly outside and running around, fall makes me want to turn my focus back inside to get cozy and settle in for the long winter months ahead. Give me cozy blankets, delicious candles (this Hearth… Read More

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Let’s Get Casual + Some Photos From Our Trip to Traverse City

Well, hello there. Who even knows if anyone is out there anymore since I’ve been such a bad blogger lately! Hopefully some of you are still sticking around! The inherent downfall of being a home renovation/design blogger is you have to actually do home renovation and design, and when you don’t, well, there’s nothing to blog about. That means finding the time to complete a project, investing the money, having the ideas and inspiration and desire to do it, and then spending the time to take photos, edit photos, write the blog post, and, well, sometimes we just … don’t.… Read More

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No-Spend August: We Did This Thing

No-Spend August has come to an end! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go back to our post at the beginning of the month where we explained exactly what we wanted to do, how we were doing it, and why. The short story is we felt like our spending had gotten out of control, buying things with wild abandon that we probably didn’t need. We wanted to give ourselves a break and reset our priorities. The first thing we did was create some ground rules about what we could and could not buy for the whole month.… Read More

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