The Cabin: Next Steps

Oh goodness you guys. I wrote this post last weekend and totally forgot to publish it! The first full week of Joey’s preschool really messed up my normal routine … and my mind, haha! Well, I wanted to let you know that as things start to settle down after a busy wedding season (my day job) and the start of a new school year, Andy and I are eager to get back to the cabin soon. I’ve been thinking a lot about what jobs we’ll prioritize while we’re there, so I figured I’d fill you in on what we have… Read More

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Let’s Get Casual + August Recap

August started with a whole weekend of celebrating Olly’s birthday (which we talked more about in our July recap) // when you accidentally match the floor at the pizza place, you have to take a photo! // we spent a lot of time outside soaking up the last few weeks before Joey starts her first year of preschool later this week // we also celebrated my birthday … for an entire week, as we should! — the day started with Brewnuts, as it should // we had my birthday dinner at Lindy’s Lake House in the Flats, and Joey wore… Read More

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Cabin Kitchen Update: Installing the Cooktop — With Video!

I want to remind everyone, before we get started here, that most of the things we are doing in the kitchen are firsts for us. Cabinets, counter, sink, dishwasher, etc… we’ve never installed these things before. This is the third kitchen renovation we’re living through, and the first two were done by professionals. I sort of hovered as much as I could during those, so I get how most of this stuff works in theory. But I just wanted to put that caveat out there because we learned an important lesson at the cabin that I wish I had known… Read More

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