Cabin Kitchen Update: Installing the Cooktop — With Video!

I want to remind everyone, before we get started here, that most of the things we are doing in the kitchen are firsts for us. Cabinets, counter, sink, dishwasher, etc… we’ve never installed these things before. This is the third kitchen renovation we’re living through, and the first two were done by professionals. I sort of hovered as much as I could during those, so I get how most of this stuff works in theory. But I just wanted to put that caveat out there because we learned an important lesson at the cabin that I wish I had known… Read More

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Cabin Progress: The Living Room

Hi guys! Tuesday was my birthday so I skipped our normal post, but I didn’t want to skip today too (even though I think my birthday deserves to be celebrated ALL week haha!). It’s been fun sharing with you all of our cabin progress, from the kitchen to the master bedroom, and it means so much to us to hear your positive reactions! It’s sometimes hard for us to see the forest for the trees when it comes to making progress there, between only being able to get up to the cabin once a month (when we’re lucky) plus just… Read More

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Cabin Master Bedroom Update

We’ve talked a lot about the cabin kitchen project, but when we were there for two weeks in July we were also able to work on putting together all the other rooms, at least a little bit. It’s all still a major work in progress, of course, but the most complete room at this point is the master bedroom. It also happens to be my very favorite room in the whole place. For now! The first thing we did was paint the wall behind the bed a nice, creamy, slightly warm-but-not-at-all-yellow white called “Swiss Coffee” from Valspar. Ok, no, the… Read More

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