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Hi guys! Oof, that was a rough Cavs game last night. I’m pretty sure all of Cleveland is with me in that we really just need a nap after all these late games — including the guys on the team. I’m sure they’ll be able to bounce back well-rested and ready to go for the next game! #ALLIN All these late nights and sleepy days mean we haven’t gotten a whole lot done around Burritos and Bubbly-land lately, but the good news is we have a vacation coming up soon — London! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to… Read More

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Style: The Romper Room

We’ve been talking about our Rumpus Room for the last couple of days (first with a tour and then with our credenza DIY), so naturally my brain jumped from “rumpus” to “rompers” … totally normal, right? Um. Right? Anyway, I love to wear rompers in the summer. They remind me of being a little kid, and goodness knows I love to dress like a six year old, but they’re also just so practical — even for grown ups! They have all the easy peasy convenience of throwing on a dress on a hot day, while still letting you hop on a bike to go… Read More

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DIY Ikea Hack: Wood-Wrapped Credenza

In our Rumpus Room, we needed a space for storage and I’ve always liked the Expedits / now known as KALLAXes. KALLAXI? I am not sure what the plural would be. Inspired by some IKEA Hacks, and pretty much stolen directly from Young House Love, we decided we wanted to wrap the KALLAXI (I’m going with KALLAXI) in stained wood. The process was pretty simple. One tip I’d recommend is to stain the wood before you add it to the KALLAX. That way you don’t have to worry about accidentally staining the KALLAX. Step 1: Assemble your KALLAX. Step 2:… Read More

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