Summer of the Burrito: Belly

For years I’ve really wanted to get a tattoo across my belly that says “BURRITO.” In fact, when Kerry and I started dating, I told her about it and she loved it! I think it was one of the things that convinced her I was worth her time. Of course, as soon as we got serious, it turned out she did NOT want me to get that tattoo. She didn’t even want to hear about how I wanted the “I” to be a picture of a burrito. Instead of the tattoo she did the next best thing: she made a… Read More

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Dream House / 1

You may remember our old “Room of the Week” series… We’re bringing it back! In a way. I was looking through old blog posts the other day and remembered how much fun it was to put together posts about beautiful rooms and what I like about them, so I’m going to reincarnate it as “Dream House” — because admiring pretty spaces  is all about daydreaming, right? I have a real good daydream for you this time! Lately I’ve been incredibly inspired by the interior design skills of LA-based Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors. Her style is a little boho meets a little midcentury with an… Read More

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Our Built-In Pantry Ikea Hack: Part Three

Our pantry is DONE. It only took us, oh, a year, to finish this not-so-difficult project. Don’t let our procrastination dissuade you from attempting something similar. No matter how long it took to actually get off our bums and finish, we’re so happy with how our pantry turned out! Since there’s no way we expect you to remember what we’ve done over the last year, let’s recap… We started by buying two Ikea Billy bookcases, with two height extenders and four doors. After lots of research, we decided on Billy bookcases because 1. they’re affordable, 2. they’re only 11 inches deep (12″ with doors) and… Read More

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