Behind the Scenes

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend, friends! I’m really looking forward to this weekend because I am absolutely determined to finish the projects we have had lingering at 90% done for weeks. The office and guest rooms have both been almost done for a while now, but I just need to finish unpacking boxes, filling shelves, generally making things pretty enough for pictures. We’re also working on painting the built-in pantry. I think I need to go stock up on bones to keep Ruby occupied while we work this weekend!! Here’s a few scenes from our lives lately… Ruby asleep in her bed while I… Read More

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Interior Inspiration: Mad Men

Ok. I have a confession. I have never seen Mad Men. Can you even believe it??!! I should be ashamed! Especially considering how midcentury design from the 1960s to early ’70s is pretty much my favorite thing ever, it seems like probably the perfect show for me. Even having never seen the show, though, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at pictures of the sets, and of course the clothes, that Mad Men is famous for, so when online marketplace Chairish asked if I could create a Mad Men-inspired room using their collection of midcentury furniture, in honor of the… Read More

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It’s Always Happy Hour Here | Our DIY Happy Hour Sign

Well, first of all… CHECK IT OUT! We gave ourselves a makeover this weekend. We got a whole new look, took a bunch of new pictures of ourselves (always awkward), updated our logo, and it feels like a fresh, modern Burritos and Bubbly! We’re considering this Phase One of a big update we’ve been dreaming up on for a while. Please bear with us as some things may be wonky over the next few days or, uh, weeks as we continue to make changes. If anything is ever not working for you or looks seriously messed up (besides all the old posts that may not line… Read More

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