London Travel Guide

When we found out that Andy needed to go to London for a week for work, there was no way I was staying home! I’d been there twice before about ten years ago and loved it. It was no different this time. There’s just something about London. For me, it feels comfortable and homey in a way that New York and other big cities never do. Since this was Andy’s first time in London, it was really fun to be able to experience the city in new ways with him. While he had to actually go to work all day every day (I’d… Read More

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And we’re back!

We’re home from our week in London and recovering from the long flight home. Even though Andy was working all day and I spent my days exploring by myself, we still had such a great time — and ate soooo much. We were hoping to have a full recap for you today with a list of all our London suggestions, but there are so many things to recommend that the list is taking longer to put together than expected … stay tuned! By Kerry | Filed under Travel | Tags: england Add a Comment Share

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Home Tour: Living Room

Hey, let’s keep going on our virtual home tour, ok? Next up: the living room! It’s taken a long time for us to get to this point, but I finally feel like I’m happy with the way this room looks. It’s a great place for us to show off all the late 19th/early 20th century furniture and art I inherited from my great-grandfather, like the piano, bookcase and chair, along with some newer things that Andy and I have bought ourselves, like the fun “tango” rug (sometimes Andy and I try to dance the tango by following the footsteps on the rug!) and the… Read More

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