Behind the Scenes

You may have seen this picture on Instagram, that our little Ruby is sick with bronchitis. She’s on antibiotics and should be all better in a couple days. For now, she’s mostly just sleepy (which isn’t the worst thing for me, to be honest!). While Ruby was at daycare this week (you know, catching germs, as one does at daycare), the cats came out to play. Literally. Trixie was soooo happy when she had a chance to play with her toys in peace. She pretty much just rolled around with a big pile of toys for like 15 minutes. Meanwhile, Mocha only wanted to be… Read More

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Modern California Renovation

I just have to interrupt whatever regularly scheduled programing we were going to have today to show you this incredible modern kitchen renovation designed by Veneer Designs in California. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this one for days, and when I showed it to Andy, he said it was “essentially perfect.” And this is why we get along so well. I love how the super bright white counters, upper cabinets and walls are contrasted by wood grain lower cabinets and those light-colored wide plank floor boards. It’s clean, open and modern, but yet still really warm and comfortable. It’s not so… Read More

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Our Home-Tour To-Do List

There are six weekends before the Ohio City Home Tour on May 16th. I’m pretty sure I’ll sleep for a week starting May 17th! It’s going to be a crazzzzzy few weeks trying to get a bunch of things done around the house, but we have a good start on our to-do list so far. This weekend was full of painting, sanding, installing, organizing, buying wood, hanging new curtains … cutting Andy’s hair. Um, why not? So here are some of the bigger projects on our list… 1. Hey look! It’s our new nautical guest room and I loooove it! Left to do: details like… Read More

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