Building Our Billy Built-Ins: Part Two

This is a follow-up to the first entry in this series, which Kerry reminded me we posted a year ago. So, as you can imagine, this project has been moving slowly. As with any project we do that we procrastinated on, we immediately thought, “Why did we wait this long?” But this one is not done: there will be a part three as well. Expect that in late winter of 2016, at the earliest. When we last left our Billies (Billys? Billiams?) we had leveled them out and put some trim up the middle. In retrospect: big whoop! Right? That… Read More

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The Benefits of Menu Planning (And How It’s Changed Our Lives)

Hello, happy Monday, friends! I spent the weekend with a puppy recovering from spay surgery and a husband sick with a cold or flu. Ooph. So let’s talk about housekeeping now, ok? We’ve talked before about cleaning schedules and budgeting, and here’s what’s next in our housekeeping series: menu planning. You guys, I don’t want to be dramatic (ok, maybe I do a little), but menu planning has literally changed our lives. When we decided that I could quit my full-time job, we also decided that it made sense for me to take over grocery shopping. I mean, it’s only fair. But, uuuuggghhhh,… Read More

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A Simple Fix to One Entryway Problem

Our entryway has always been a bit of a problem area for me. First is the wall color. For some reason I had my heart set on yellow walls, literally from the first time I walked into the house. Now I know that our woodwork looks way better with cool colors — anything with a blue undertone — and the yellow walls are just emphasizing the wood’s yellow/orange undertones. And this room has A LOT of woodwork. The second problem is our rug. We love our super cute hopscotch rug from CB2, but the goshdarn thing is always sliding around on our wood… Read More

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