More Snapshots of London

You guys. (I have a friend who hates it when people start things with “you guys” and I think of him every time I say it, but I still say it anyway …) So. You guys. We were planning on having a “Burrito Summer” update for you today and the first of every month this summer, but with London and just general disorganization, we didn’t get to try ANY new burritos in June, can you believe it?? Well, technically Andy had a burrito in London, at Tortilla, which he described as “meh, ok.” So, there you go, if you’re in London keep… Read More

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DIY Parsons(ish) Desk

For our office we had a very specific look we wanted to go for. Clean, simple, modern, nothing fancy. Of course you can go out and buy a Parsons table or desk — for a whole lot of money. Because we wanted to share this desk, we needed something large enough for both of us and our big computers, which would cost a lot to buy (a smaller Parsons desk at West Elm is $399 and we’d need two) — so hey why not try to build one myself? A big piece of wood with four legs, how hard can that be? Before I do… Read More

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London Travel Guide

When we found out that Andy needed to go to London for a week for work, there was no way I was staying home! I’d been there twice before about ten years ago and loved it. It was no different this time. There’s just something about London. For me, it feels comfortable and homey in a way that New York and other big cities never do. Since this was Andy’s first time in London, it was really fun to be able to experience the city in new ways with him. While he had to actually go to work all day every day (I’d… Read More

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